We're all about supporting local communities

It's all about supporting local

At Ezibed, we are on a mission to give back and to keep supporting local communities fundraise to ensure their good work can continue.

We want to make donating to a local community project or charity as easy as having a good night’s sleep in some of the best and affordable accommodation in New Zealand!

Our purpose is to support the effectiveness of communities in New Zealand that advance health, education, rescue, sporting and sustainable environments. As such, we continue to partner with New Zealand run organisations doing amazing work for their communities and our environment.  We wish to continue making a difference by helping these organisations help you by supporting locally owned accommodation businesses.

How does it work?

For each night’s accommodation booked online, Ezibed will make a donation to a local charity or community project of your choosing. At no extra cost to you. That's right, it's all on us. All you pay for is a good night’s sleep at some of New Zealand’s best accommodation providers knowing that you played your part by selecting a charity that we can support.

All you have to do is find yourself a great place to stay, register and book with ezibed.com, select where the donation should go, and you get to enjoy a better night's sleep knowing you helped others. Ezi as!